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Anisa unica x uozo. 
Making & Meaning. 
Summer 2021.
Honor Presentation

Southern California Institute of Architecture. Sci-Arc.
Techniques Instructor: Jeremy Kamal Hartley 

Anise Unica x ouzo
petals  •  particulates  •   delicate  •  chaotic  •  aromatic •  cloud  •  haze

Hot noise. Static. A swarm of geometric seeds blows through the digital tundra. Crackling against one another, careening through frosty gradient vector gusts. They are in search of saturated environments. Spectres of dusty, ghastly pollen, form into distinctive matrices. The pollen appears faintly as flashes of chalky, patterned nebulae before once again disappearing as screens of smokey white into the blanched sampling of a pallid background. 

Seraphine aromas of blushed rose fill the space.

Will anything grow here? Sharp, colorless, chaotic, and delicate.  Do ideas emerge while dreaming?  A haze of vapor waves release mists of pink, purples, baby blues, and lime onto the scene. The barrage of nascent, freshly emitted subdivision seeds may indeed find saturation in time to incubate and once again bloom for the next composition.    

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